My name is Dmitry! I was born in Ukraine, grew up in the states, played professional basketball in Europe, and have a degree in Finance. I currently live in Denver. I recently moved here from NYC, where I spent a significant chunk of my life. A year ago I couldn’t imagine moving to the mid-west, let alone pursuing a career in web-development. I originally came to Denver to pursue a degree in engineering but shortly after(first-semester) stumbled upon this niche web-dev program. I took some time to investigate and everything I uncovered turned out to be so positive and inline with what I wanted to do with my life.

I’m attending The Turing School of Software. The curriculum is composed of 4-six week modules with 1-week break in between modules, 7-months total. I dare not call it a “code bootcamp” cuz some of the fine folks at Turing wouldn’t appreciate such slander. Did I mention my background in technology is nil? Every week is a challenging adventure full of success, frustration, disappointment, joy, helplessness, and most importantly mind expansion! The instructors are not only great educators but overall good people. As for my fellow students, I couldn’t ask for a more diverse down to earth bunch. I hope to maintain relationships with both after I graduate.

To be honest, this blog is a much needed requirement. I took ownership of this domain at least 4-months ago but never actually customized or posted anything. The days of procrastination are over I tell you! I don’t have a concrete mandate for the content just yet, but I figure I should start out by blogging about the road to becoming a software engineer and my experience at the Turing School. When I first started researching this awesome gem of a program there really wasn’t too much information out there except what the school itself published. Granted, the program has only existed for less than a year. I was still surprised to not find any current student blogs. I hope my experience will be valuable to others who are considering this wonderfully challenging path.

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